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based in (Polk County) painting in Lakeland, Orlando, Tampa and surrounding areas of Florida.


Trompe L'Oeil, Murals, Hand Painted Furniture and Faux Finishes Painted by Art Effects

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castle playhouse    Ashley's furniture store...children's department   old world tuscany faux    tropical jungle on a beach

helen's birdhouses     Celebration, Florida Mural     Leopard Key Mural   the garden path, window mural

Carillon Lakes Mural   trompe l'oeil ceiling    elephant in stone trompe l'oeil mural

The Army Mural    The Monkey Room    Go Gators Mural   

finsihed faux marble foyer ceiling    Paper 'Plique faux finish     African Mural

The Poster    Alfred Hitchcock Mural    In The Back Yard

stairway to heaven    Bubbles    The Big Bug Room

With Wall opened     Fossil Rock     Niche before     Niche after

Garage Doors    Wyomissing     Textured Stencil

tropical paradise, mural in arches    Faux Stones    Faux Moroccan Leather   Art Effects'Hand Painted and custom made Shuttle Bed

Hand Painted and custom made...BaseBall Bed     Art Effects'Hand Painted and custom made Rain Forest Bed     Hand Painted and custom made...Castle Bed Mizaar   Hand Painted and custom made...Jungle Bed    Wildlife Murals    how to break a wall

trompe l'oeil stain glass ceiling mural   children's murals

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